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Mac is designed to give you the best computer of all possible today. Since Apple designs software and hardware, everything here just works as it should be in the computer. So whether you are connecting to the network via Wi-Fi, work with photos or chatting on video chat, all this turns out to be extremely easy.

Perfect for any business every day

Mac offers everything that you need for your correspondence, planning, contacts, joining the Internet and much more. All this is built into the operating system Mac: Mac OS X Snow Leopard. And if your daily schedule includes watching movies or television programs from iTunes, iMac with its superb wide-screen 16:9 is simply indispensable to your desktop.

Software and hardware created to work together

Apple makes Mac, its software and operating system that supports it. This allows properties such as wireless Magic Mouse. Snow Leopard supports the recognition of gestures in technology Multi-Touch, so you can make scrolling with one finger, or lunge with two fingers.

Working with Windows

Mac can also run applications with Microsoft Office, such as Word and Excel, and even lets you run Windows itself so that it will be compatible with the PC. This will open the documents from the people working on the PC, print on almost any printer and connect to networks of Windows.

When iMac only appear in your house, you can start doing cool stuff with iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand. All these programs are included in the package iLife, included with every new iMac.

Photos on the Mac

iPhoto has a face recognition technology. When you want to find something more specific picture of your friend, the hardest work is already done for you.

Movies on a Mac

With this program, iMovie, you can mount a wonderful film with a professional design in minutes. In just a few clicks you will get animated Hollywood standard titles.

Making Music on a Mac

Mac can teach you how to play guitar or piano. Open GarageBand and get a music video instructions. You can even download Artist Lessons and learn how to play hits from musicians who made them famous.

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Built-in protection Mac will help you protect yourself from viruses and malicious programs without the annoying continuous warnings and cleansing.

Do not worry about viruses

Operating system Mac OS X Snow Leopard designed to suit the idea of protection for your computer. It did not become infected with constant attacks from viruses with DCs and malicious programs. Every Mac has a high degree of protection even in the box, so you can be confidently without worrying about starting work or play.

On guard

Innocent-looking files downloaded from the Internet, may contain disguised malicious programs.Therefore, the files that you download, using Safari, Mail and iChat are checked to determine whether they contain executable attachments. If they are, the operating system Mac OS X Snow Leopard will send you a warning signal, and then you will be warned of the danger when you first open these applications.

Constant updating of data

When encountered a potential threat to computer security, Apple responds quickly by its provision of software updates and improvements to security systems that can automatically download and install with one click.

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Dual-core and quad-core processor Intel. Engineering in the years ahead of their time.

Recent innovations in technology

Dual-core and quad-core Intel processors are standard on every Mac, which makes the application simply "fly". Powerful graphics realism provides in the latest 3D games. And applications such as camera iSight, Bluetooth wireless technology and many others are already built into the computer.

The properties that you can’t find in RS

Only one wire departs from the Mac - the power cord. iMac reduces clutter on your desktop with a wireless Apple keyboard and wireless Magic Mouse, included as standard. Even without looking inside the machine, you get so well-tuned machine, as possible.

Most advanced operating system in the world

Every Mac comes with the operating system, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, made specifically to meet the requirements of modern technology. Built on the solid as a rock operating system UNIX, it is created to be simple and intuitively clear to the user, that makes the Mac a modern, highly reliable, compatible and easy to use.

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Apple is responsible for the environmental impact of our products. That's why Mac is designed to economize on energy, produced from non-toxic materials and have a high potential for recycling materials.

Efficient energy

As the company which develops software and equipment, Apple can reduce the consequences of their impact on the environment in ways that are unavailable to others. For a start, high power decreases the amount of energy lost on the way from the wall outlet to your Mac. Unlike most PC, Mac uses energy-saving electronic components, which work closely with the operating system that provides energy savings - even during the pause between pressing two keys.

Reduction of toxic materials

Mac does not contain toxic materials. All Mac displays don’t contain mercury and arsenic, and internal components do not contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and bromine flame retardants (BFRs).


When the Mac reaches the end of his long life, materials from which it is made - such as aluminum and glass - will be highly attractive to refiners recycled. And you can free hand your old computer for recycling when you buy a new Mac.

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With the acquisition of every new Mac you get access to professional advice, first class service and support team and world-line resources.

Support AppleCare

Purchase Mac includes 90 days of free consultation by phone from the technical support and warranty service within one year. If you buy AppleCare Protection Plan, then the warranty period increases to three years from the date of sale of your Mac.

Support from the Apple Retail Store

Get a consultant to the Board Genius Bar in Apple Retail Store. At that moment, when you buy a new Mac directly to Apple, you can enroll in the One to One. In this case, you will get a personal trainer who will set you your Mac, will teach the basics and will help in your projects.

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You'll find everything you need to know about the Mac at Watch Video tutorials on iMovie, GarageBand, Mac OS X, access to Wi-Fi networks, etc. Explore a great variety of tricks and techniques for Mac and find how you can get from your Mac as much as possible.

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